Rahr Malting Co.®️

Malt of Reputation since 1847. Rahr Malting Co. produces and sells the highest quality malt to breweries and distilleries.

Gambrinus Malting®️

Gambrinus Malting is Canada’s original small-batch, artisanal malthouse. Located in British Columbia, Gambrinus Malting produces and sells European-style specialty malts made from the finest barley and wheat grown in North America.

BSG Logo


BSG distributes select ingredients and equipment from trusted partners all over the world to breweries, distilleries, wineries, and homebrew retailers throughout North America.

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BSGi is the International arm of BSG.  BSGi holds our overseas investments and partnerships and serves customers in the beer, wine and spirits industries in a number of countries around the World


With facilities in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands, Bevie manufactures branded homebrew products for sale to homebrew retailers in addition to manufacturing ingredients for sale to fermented beverage producers.


Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Bintani distributes the finest malt, hops, and yeast from all over the world to breweries and distilleries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Bushel Boy Farms

Bushel Boy Farms has a simple desire to grow fresh, premium, quality fruit year-​round.

Koda Energy

Koda Energy (Koda means “friend” in the Dakota language) is a biomass heat and power plant that produces renewable clean energy that is used in part to power the operations at Rahr Malting Co. in Shakopee, Minnesota.