Rahr Malting Co.

Producing and distributing malt and related supplies for breweries, distilleries, and allied industries around the world.

Gambrinus®️ Malting

Combining a European-influenced malting approach with the finest barley and wheat from North America.

Brewers Supply Group, Inc.

Select Ingredients and Dedicated Customer Service for Outstanding Fermented Beverages.

BSG Hops

Our state-of-the-art processing facility in the Yakima Valley assures complete control of the supply chain and quality assurance.

Brewers Supply Group, International.

BSGi is the International arm of BSG.  BSGi holds our overseas investments and partnerships and serves customers in the beer, wine and spirits industries in a number of countries around the World


Inspiring craft food and beverage creation.


Connecting you to the world’s best ingredients

Bushel Boy Farms

Bushel Boy Farms has a simple desire to grow fresh, premium, quality fruit year-​round.

Koda Energy

Koda Energy is an environmentally friendly energy project owned and and operated by Rahr Corporation.