About Us

At Rahr, we aspire for our vision, mission, strategy, values, and culture to drive our actions every day. These concepts help us work towards shared long-term goals, and they effect every aspect of the business.


Rahr was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1847 by German immigrant and brewer, William Rahr. Over 175 years later, the company is still owned and operated by the Rahr family.

Our success has been built upon a commitment of quality, integrity and value provided to our customers, and is evidenced by the continuous investment in our people, our facilities, and our products.

We strive to make our business practices reflect our values of sustainability and giving back to our communities.


Rahr serves the global food and beverage industry by providing innovative and quality ingredients and solutions in a manner that reflects our commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and shareholders.

Our mission challenges us to value and tend to all our stakeholders, not just our shareholders, customers, or employees. Instead, we are committed to all the important contributors that make our business successful. In addition to them, we are further committed to our suppliers and the local communities where we live and work. We especially believe that the symbiotic relationship between a business and its community is essential to our company thriving.


Rahr believes the creation and appreciation of quality food and beverage can inspire diverse, creative, and thriving communities.

We are inspired by how our products are used to bring people together and celebrate the joy of good company. It drives us to offer creative and innovative products and services that empower and enable our customers to make this happen within their communities.


Rahr Corporation is dedicated to driving sustainable growth by being a preferred supplier of specialty/premium products and services with global reach to the food and beverage industry.

Our strategic statement acts as a blueprint for our long-term strategic plan, and our employees make that plan into a reality through commitment to our company core values.

Celebrating 175 Years of Rahr

Since its founding in 1847, Rahr’s success has been built upon excellence, integrity, and respect. This video pays tribute to the past, present, and future of the Malt of Reputation.


At Rahr, we are passionate about supporting our employees and the communities we serve. Each year the Company gives its employees the opportunity to make recommendations to Rahr’s philanthropic committee for contributions to be made to non-profit organizations that they support in the areas of the arts, environment, human services, education, and the health and medical fields. We believe that pairing our philanthropic resources with impassioned employees to support small, local organizations is far more impactful to the communities where we work and live.


At Rahr, we value the importance of our differences and know that it is these differences that help make us better. We foster an environment that respects diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) and we are working to continually expand education and awareness throughout our organization.


Join a team where your skills, dedication, and aspirations find the perfect match. Explore the exciting career opportunities we have in store for you and embark on a rewarding journey with us. Discover what it means to be part of the Rahr family today.