Technical Center & Brewery

Based at Rahr Malting Company’s headquarters in Shakopee, MN, the Rahr Technical Center & Brewery provides testing and analytical expertise on malt and other brewing products offered by Rahr Malting and Brewers Supply Group.


Rahr’s state-of-the-art pilot brewery is built around a 3-hectoliter Esau & Huber brewhouse. The brewery allows the Technical Center staff to perform real-world trials on malt, hops, yeasts, and other ingredients, as well as to collaborate creatively with visiting brewers and suppliers.


A micromalt lab facilitates highly controlled bench-scale malting of barley and wheat for breeding and malting research. The micromalt lab can accommodate up to 120 single samples weekly under specific malting parameters, which sample sizes as small as 60 to 1000 grams. A future pilot malt facility will handle 140 kg pieces to produce experimental malts for trial in the Rahr Technical Center Brewery.


Expert research analysis and innovative methodology are at the heart of the Rahr Malting Co. Technical Center & Brewery. The most sophisticated instrumentation is combined with some of the industry’s best minds for developing and refining analytical tests. The capabilities of the lab include the American Society of Brewing Chemists Methods of Analysis for guided analysis of barley/malt, hops, and beer, as well as the newest research-driven ideas.


The Rahr Malting Co. Technical Center specializes in problem-solving. Upon receipt of samples, the team will work closely with the client to determine the root cause of a brewing or fermentation problem, and use the full array of resources to help find a solution.