About Bevie

Bevie (formerly Imake and SPL), is a company dedicated to bringing innovation and excitement into the commercial, homebrew and DIY food sector. We currently supply over 3,000 products of high quality equipment and ingredients to make almost any type of alcoholic drink, cheese, yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, even vegan cheese and more! We specialise in DIY kits and equipment setups which make it simple, easy and fun for anyone to get into making it themselves. With our roots in New Zealand and the UK, we now have offices and our own warehouses in Auckland (New Zealand), Brisbane (Australia), and Cheshire (United Kingdom).

We also have an extensive distribution network through the USA, Europe, and South Africa and access to over 1,300 stores in over 40 countries worldwide. Over the last three decades there has been a huge global growth in consumers wanting to know more about food, what is in it, and how it is made. The demand for craft beer, spirits and artisan foods has meant more and more people are also starting to want to experiment and have a go at producing these types of things themselves. Every year we produce new products based on current food and beverage trends, and we don’t intend to slow down any time soon!