Bushel Boy Farms

Bushel Boy Farms was founded in 1990 with a simple desire to enjoy ripe, garden-fresh, perfectly sweet and absolutely delicious tomatoes every day of the year — even in the middle of our harsh Minnesota winters. But unlike everyone else who was selling tomatoes in our area, we wanted to grow them right here, in Owatonna, Minnesota.


By combining the latest in greenhouse design and technology with the hands-on TLC it takes to produce the sweetest, most flavorful tomatoes, our expert team creates the perfect growing environment all year long. It’s how we ensure we deliver brilliantly red and absolutely perfect tomatoes every single time.

All these years later, we still find real satisfaction in serving garden-fresh, still-on-the-vine, locally grown produce that stays fresh longer, is beautifully ripe all the way through and tastes unmistakably delicious.