Rahr Corporation (“Rahr”) announced today (December 9, 2013) that Mr. Gary Lee, 62, President and Chief Executive Officer will retire from the company effective October, 2014. Mr. William Rahr, 45, current President of Rahr Malting Co., a subsidiary of the Corporation, has been named President of Rahr Corporation, and will succeed Mr. Lee as Chief Executive Officer upon his retirement.

“Gary Lee personifies the talent, drive, and passion that has made Rahr one of the most respected malt companies in the world” said John Haffenreffer, chairman of the board. “Gary’s leadership, vision and contribution toward the success of the company and team development have won him the gratitude of employees and shareholders. He has the recognition of his peers in the malt industry, and as well as the Minneapolis business community.”

Mr. Lee joined Rahr Corporation in 2001 as President and Chief Executive Officer, and as a member of the board of directors. Under Gary’s leadership, Brewers Supply Group was formed in 2004, and is currently one of the largest brewing ingredients wholesale distributors to the U.S. Craft Brewing market. Also during Gary’s tenure, Rahr Corporation developed and owns a 49% interest in Koda Energy, LLC; a biomass co-generation facility fueled by malting by-products and other biomass materials, and acquired the Rahr Taft Elevator (North Dakota) for the origination and storing of high quality barley.

The Corporation announced that Mr. William Rahr, who joined the Corporation 15 years ago, will immediately assume the role of President of Rahr Corporation and will assume the role of CEO upon Mr. Lee’s retirement. “Willie’s leadership as President of Rahr Malting Co., and his deep familiarity with customers and plant operations uniquely positions him to continue the growth strategies of the Company.” said Haffenreffer. Willie has been a member of the Board of Rahr Corporation since 2005.

John D. Haffenreffer
Chairman of the Board