February 7, 2024, 2:30 PM Central Standard Time

SHAKOPEE– Rahr Corporation, a family-owned, global supplier of specialty and premium products in the food and beverage industry, announced plans to combine its Rahr Malting Co. and BSG business units, including all operations and commercial activity, creating a new business unit, RahrBSG. Effective today, this new business will be led by CEO, Willie Rahr, President, Darren Smith as well as Chief Commercial Officer, Ron Johnson and Chief Operations Officer, JD Dempsey.

A blending of two of Rahr Corporation’s strong, growth-focused and complementary businesses, RahrBSG will leverage significant strengths of Rahr Malting Co., one of the world’s leading malting companies with 177 years of industry leadership and BSG, a leader in the ingredients distribution segment that is responsible for selling best-in-class ingredients and equipment to the beer, wine, distilling, and homebrewing markets.  All products currently sold by BSG, including Rahr Malting Co. and Gambrinus Malting Corporation products, as well as its impressive portfolio of imported products, will be available and distributed by RahrBSG.

“Our newly combined business unit, RahrBSG, presents us with an excellent opportunity to recognize operational synergies to further create and distribute world-class ingredients to customers of all sizes, as well as react nimbly to changing market conditions. Our customers and suppliers are critical to our success, and we are focused on enhancing service, value, and overall customer experience across the board,” said Willie Rahr, CEO of Rahr Corporation. “RahrBSG is a combination of two greats in the malting and brewing industries with a shared vision for growth. We are excited to build on the common foundation of strong relationships, exceptional customer service, and world-class products that will deliver more long-term value to our customers.”

Other Rahr Corporation businesses including Bevie, Bintani, and Bushel Boy Farms will continue to operate as standalone businesses.