On September 14ththe Rahr Malting Canada Alix Malthouse celebrated its 25thanniversary of production. Getting its start in 1993 in Alberta’s prime barely growing region, the Alix Malthouse has since made its mark in the malting world.

Production began before the craft brewing had taken off, and the malthouse had specialized in large-scale export shipments. At one time, the Alix Malthouse was the only plant used by Anheuser-Busch. The malthouse was originally known as Westcan Malting back when it was first built, and was acquired by Rahr in 2000 to become the first Canadian Rahr malthouse. Over the course of its entire operation, they have shipped over 3 million tonnes of malt.

“We made it,” stated Bob Sutton, VP of Sales & Logistics at Rahr Malting Canada in response to what the milestone meant for Alix Malthouse.

The plant held an open house to show off the newly built office space. Employees past and present attended the celebration, as well as others who’ve worked in connection with the Alix Malthouse, such as customers, plant crew, and railroad workers. Among the attending was Alix Malthouse’s first and on-going customer, Big Rock Brewing. Alix Malthouse presented Big Rock with a commemorative chuck wagon to honor their continued collaboration. Tours of the plant were held for customers who had yet to see the plant in action.

Big Rock Brewery (also) crafted a brew for the occasion that contained a small amount of the first batch of malt ever produced at Alix.

“We found our stride, and will continue producing good, quality, consistent malt,” Sutton went on to say. “Now, we start our next 25.”