Rahr employees gave some love back to the Earth this past Earth Day, and shared how they celebrated at home!

Brian Shaetz (Rahr Agronomist) celebrated doing what he does best and planted a tree.
Katie Theis (Customer Service Coordinator BSG) and her children picked up trash on Earth Day. They also picked up their third tree order from Scott County Tree Program! 
Noah Ryan (Marketing Coordinator BSG) went out with his daughters to clean up their neighborhood. 
Deborah Wood (BSG Canada) cleaned up her garden on Earth Day. 
 Katie Stiele (HR Executive Administrative Assistant) enjoyed Earth Day and spotted some chalk art on her walk. 
 Candace Watts (Sales Development Coordinator BSG) went out with her children, Holt (7), Chase (4) and Samson (Dog) to pick up trash around their neighborhood. 
 Nicole Langeland (Human Resources Project Manager) and her family celebrated Earth Day outside. 
Bren Schauf (VP of Human Resources) went around Rahr Shakopee’s yard to see if what we planted last year was budding. The new trees are budding, and all survived the winter! Bren also transplanted a few plants from her Aunt’s garden. Little buds are popping through! 
Leigh O’Neill (Sustainability Manager) picked up trash with her dog, Jax, as well as educating him on the importance of a clean Earth. 
Alena Frahm (Warehouse Lead – Vancouver DC) picked up trash around Columbia River with her daughters, Brianna and Alura. 
Anna-Lisa Brewer (Sales Development Coordinator from BSG Canada) picked up trash with her children and her dog around Guelph, Ontario. 
Jake Keeler (VP Marketing) went out fly fishing, had a Bent Paddle Beer and picked up trash to celebrate Earth Day.