Rahr Corporation Management Promotion

Shakopee, MN, USA, November 19, 2014:  William Rahr, President and CEO of Rahr Corporation, announced today that Ron Johnson has been promoted to President of Rahr Malting Co. “Ron has been an integral part of Rahr Malting Co.’s success and growth over the years and...

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Koda Energy Reopens Newly Designed Biomass Facility in Shakopee

SHAKOPEE, Minn. – Koda Energy announced today that it has reopened its biomass facility with a new design to enhance safety, increase reliability, and reduce emissions. Koda suspended operations on April 25, 2013, when a fire started in two of the facility’s silos...

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Mr. Gary Lee announces his retirement from Rahr Corp.

Rahr Corporation (“Rahr”) announced today (December 9, 2013) that Mr. Gary Lee, 62, President and Chief Executive Officer will retire from the company effective October, 2014. Mr. William Rahr, 45, current President of Rahr Malting Co., a subsidiary of the...

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